Roaming Gourmet is a current supplier and we have used them for many years.  We have tried many different companies over the years that have approached us too but always return to Ben from Roaming Gourmet as we find him/them professional, friendly and extremely accommodating and ultimately they provide good quality food which is the most important factor when catering.  Hence our continuing use of this company.

Roaming Gourmet has provided all types of meals over the years as per your examples which have consisted of hot meals, cold meals, sandwich platters, BBQ’s – both cooked onsite and offsite and just delivered to us, fruit platters, cheese platters, cakes, finger foods both hot and cold, dips, drinks and all whilst attending to the special dietary requests of vegetarian, gluten intolerance, religious beliefs and the fussy eaters).

I find they are very responsive and reliable.  They have helped me out in several sticky situations over the years with emergency catering at the last minute.  They have also been more than happy to receive feedback and welcome it whether it is good or bad however the only bad over the years has been more of an FYI for their record if a particular item is not as good as previous (e.g. an avocado dip that our company is hooked on occasionally we have received it and it’s not quite as tasty as in the past – however this is more a seasonal issue with the avocado than the company themselves). They have always been happy to offer a compensation in this case.  There punctuality is generally excellent and usually only jeopardised through unforeseen traffic incidents.  They always attempt to arrive with plenty of time.

So saying all this I would certainly recommend Roaming Gourmet to your Department as a supplier.  Should you wish to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.


Thanks and Regards

Lynne Dryden   Business Services Specialist

Dow AgroSciences Australia Ltd

Locked Bag 502, Frenchs Forest   NSW  2086