Gourmet Sandwiches

Gourmet Sandwiches


Made with White, Wholemeal and Multigrain bread, made fresh daily. See below for general Menu or contact us on (02) 9971 0399 to arrange specific selection.


Filling Menu:

  1. Sliced Turkey with avocado, lettuce & cranberry sauce.
  2. Caesar Salad Chicken – Chicken breast, crispy bacon, Cos lettuce with Caesar salad dressing.
  3. Chicken breast with avocado, Béarnaise sauce, lettuce, mayonnaise & sprinkled with walnuts.
  4. Double smoked Leg Ham with avocado, lettuce, chopped shallots & your choice of mustard.
  5. Chicken breast with mango, mayonnaise, lettuce & chopped chives.
  6. Tasty or Cottage cheese with carrots, cucumber, alfalfa, lettuce & freshly ground black pepper.
  7. Tandoori Chicken – Chicken breast marinated in a rich Tandoori & yoghurt sauce.
  8. Red Salmon or Tuna with alfalfa, homemade mayonnaise & a squeeze of lemon juice.
  9. Pastrami with sun-dried Tomato, grated tasty cheese & pesto.
  10. Rare Roast Beef with avocado, red onion, tasty cheese & grain mustard.
  11. Rare Roast Beef with cream cheese, chives, lettuce, red onion & horseradish.
  12. Cottage cheese, carrot, dates & sprinkled with walnuts. (Vegetarian)
  13. Thai Beef Salad with cucumber, carrots, chopped coriander, basil & homemade sweet chilli sauce.
  14. Double Smoked Leg Ham with tomato, tasty cheese & grain mustard.
  15. Spicy Pastrami with avocado, lettuce & Béarnaise sauce.
  16. Double smoked Leg Ham with tasty cheese, potato salad & avocado.
  17. Salami with roasted capsicum, sun-dried tomato, lettuce & chutney.
  18. Thai Chicken with carrot, cucumber, coriander & sweet chilli sauce.
  19. Satay Chicken with red onion, carrot, coriander & peanut sauce.
  20. Grilled Eggplant, grilled red pepper, mushrooms, chives, sour cream & pesto.(Vegetarian)
  21. Rocket & mixed lettuce with tomato & bocconcini cheese. (Vegetarian)
  22. Asparagus with camembert & coral lettuce. (Vegetarian)
  23. Roasted Kumara with grilled red pepper, feta & pesto. (Vegetarian)
  24. Design your own.


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