Tips for Choosing a Caterer and Where to Find Gourmet Catering for Your Corporate Office Event in North

Planning a corporate event such as an important meeting, a company party, or a fundraiser can be an overwhelming task. It’s difficult to pull together a praiseworthy event because there are so many details to get right. Your job will be much easier if you hire the right people to help you out. When it comes to your event catering in North Sydney, make sure you’re choosing the right caterer with these tips.

Know your headcount

This may seem like the most basic place to start, but it’s also essential. Know how many guests you are expecting before hiring your caterer. A realistic estimate is okay at first to help your caterer begin planning your event regarding menu design and budget.

Choose a caterer who listens to you

Because planning a significant event includes so many details, it’s essential to work with a caterer that listens and can help you from start to finish. Your guests may be very particular or may have special dietary requirements, and you’ll want a professional caterer who understands these issues and can work with you to design an appropriate menu. Your caterer should have helpful suggestions, but they should also ask what you need and deliver what you request.

Look for efficiency

Business leaders know that meetings are a crucial part of their jobs. Even though you may be serving the most delicious foods and drinks, the main reason for a business meeting is just that – to do business. Look for corporate catering in North Sydney from a company with experience servicing events like yours and will respect your guests and their time. The right caterer knows the best ways to be efficient in their service – for example, using a double-sided buffet to help avoid long wait times.

Find a caterer who offers variety

Anytime you host an event you’ll encounter a wide range of dietary restrictions and needs you’ll have to accommodate. It’s vital that you can satisfy your guests while staying within your budget. Look for gourmet catering in North Sydney from a catering company that offers plenty of options such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free menus.

Form a relationship

Depending on your business, you may host events on a regular basis. You can make planning these events much simpler by creating a relationship with your caterer and locking in their services for repeat events. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your event planning needs are met and that the food for your functions will always be taken care of with the highest level of service and quality.

Where to find office catering in North Sydney

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