Roaming Gourmet provides Office Catering in North Ryde for your next Event

When you’re planning a corporate event, one of the most important things to take care of is the food. If your event is very large, catering may seem like a no-brainer – after all, professional caterers have experience feeding crowds, creating healthy and delicious menus, and presenting and appealingly serving each dish. However, if your event is smaller, you may be wondering whether catering is the way to go or not. Of course, not every function requires a caterer – but catered food can make many events easier to pull off as well as more enjoyable for your attendees. Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding whether to book corporate catering in North Ryde.

Your budget

Food for any event costs money, and this must be factored into your budget whether you hire a caterer or prepare all the food yourself. You’ll have to consider which option fits your budget best – keeping in mind that professional catering may indeed save you money. That’s because buying all the ingredients and preparing the food yourself can ultimately cost more than buying a package deal from a professional caterer. Catering can also cost less because caterers know how much food to buy for a certain number of people, resulting in less waste.

The purpose of your event

When you’re getting together with a few friends or family members, having your guests help cook or serve the food can create the perfect fun and relaxing environment. However, at more formal events, this clearly isn’t feasible or appropriate. For instance, if you are hosting an award presentation, you want the menu to be professional and the quality of the food to be top-notch – and gourmet catering in North Ryde is a good option.

The number of guests

In general, the more people on your guest list, the more likely that you will require help from a professional caterer. Even casual events such as family reunions can benefit from this kind of help, and it becomes even more important when the function is a formal corporate event. A professional caterer knows how to determine the right amount of food for events of all sizes and handle the food preparation and presentation with ease.

Your experience

There’s a reason why event planning is an entire industry all to itself. Professional planners have the knowledge and experience to handle the demands and challenges of hosting even large events. If you don’t have much experience organising events like the one you’re currently planning, it’s best to enlist professional help. If your experience is lacking when it comes to planning large events, book professional event catering in North Ryde to make your job much more relaxed.

Where to find office catering in North Ryde

If you need gourmet catering services for your office event, Roaming Gourmet can help. We have decades of experience in the catering business and are passionate about providing quality food at fair prices for small to very large events. We are HACCP approved and prepare all food on the day of your event. Contact us today to discuss your event and how we can help make it amazing.