Quality Corporate Catering in Lindfield for your Office Function or Special Event

New to Lindfield? Searching for high-quality corporate catering for an upcoming workplace event? You’ll find the service you need from Roaming Gourmet. Operating in 3 locations, including Lindfield, we’ve been in operation since 1983, so we know catering inside and out. We go the extra mile when it comes to delivering outstanding food and service, making party planning a snap.

Dietary concerns are always at the forefront when it comes to meal planning, whether you’re serving a crowd of co-workers or close friends. We serve a variety to fit your tastes, dietary concerns, and budget. If you or your guests are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or vegetarian, glance at our generous gourmet menu and you’ll find just what works for you.

Behind our impressive selection is the quality of our food. Everything is fresh and HACCP approved, which ensures we have the highest accredited level of food safety. Our food is always made fresh the day of delivery—no more worrying about soggy overnight sandwiches arriving at your office luncheon.

With our high-quality gourmet food, we incorporate specialty ingredients and skilled techniques to present you with delicious food that will amaze your eyes (and dazzle your guests). If you’re wondering what to add to elevate an intimate Christmas party or end-of-the-year social event, our Moroccan Cous Cous Salad could be the perfect addition—or one of our countless other sumptuous specialties.

Mindful Corporate Catering for Lindfield’s Residents

Going the extra mile extends from our food to our customer service. Our pride and passion for catering and food extend to providing exceptional customer service. With our long and successful history of delivering quality corporate catering in Lindfield, you can finally party-plan with confidence.

We can help you to create gourmet catering in Lindfield that’s perfect for your event, whether you’re coordinating office parties, birthday parties, or personal get-togethers. Having served events as small as ten and as large as 2000, we consider ourselves a food solution company. Even when you’re planning an emotionally difficult event such as a funeral or wake, we would love to customise a menu for what you need and provide reliable and respectful staff for every event.

Office Catering in Lindfield That Doesn’t Fall Flat

One of the most important things about catering beyond the quality of food and presentation is the delivery. We don’t mince words when we say we’re consistently on time. Let our 30-plus years of experience and long-term record of success be the proof you need to know you’ll get your food as planned, when you need it, and fresh and intact. It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the area or the size of your event: whether it’s a small office gathering or an opulent wedding, we’ll be there when you expect us.

Contact us today so we can start planning a menu for your next event. Let’s explore your needs, from a cultural sampler for your corporate office luncheon to dainty cakes and sandwiches for a friend’s summer afternoon tea party, we’re ready to help. We’re open seven days a week and provide outstanding event catering around Lindfield.